Shelley Preparation

Preparing the Vehicle

While it is possible to drive through Africa in absolutely anything (Citroen 2CV’, Honda Fireblade motorcycle, bicycle, Unimog basically whatever floats your boat) I’d always wanted to travel in a Land Rover. As mentioned in ‘Acquiring Shelley’ we made the decision to travel in a Land Rover Discovery Tdi. We wanted to be able to head into remote areas and be self-sufficient and be able to reach the lesser visited National Parks along the way. So, the vehicle needed to be prepared to handle the rigours of an overland journey as well as accommodating the two of us in relative comfort. There were two requirements in this process; 1, the vehicle needed to be ready to go by late 2017, 2, I needed to know how to fix it. A good way to get to know how to fix something is to do the work on it yourself….

I was moaning about how much garages were costing to do odd jobs for us when Caroline started encouraging me to do the work myself. ‘But I’ve never done anything like that before’ I protested, ‘you’ll learn’ she replied…. I read the manual, went onto Youtube, asked a few people, ordered some tools and summoned up the courage to start tinkering. Almost a year later and I’ve never looked back! I’ve also found out that I absolutely love it and have discovered a new hobby!

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