Land Rover Green Lane Day – Reeth, North Yorkshire, November 2013

Encouraged by my mate Steve Gower, we decided to bite the bullet and take Shelley on a Land Rover Off-Road day. I was very nervous as Shelley was in excellent nick for an old Disco 1 and I didn’t to damage her. However, I needed to get over my over-caring attitude and see what she could do…
Most of the day entailed driving around scenic North Yorkshire getting adjusted to green lanes with the odd bit of snow around. Colin Bell of UK Land Rover Events also had us testing our vehicles and driving skills on steep loose climbs and descents.
Learnt heaps about what these vehicles can do and were introduced to the wonderful community of people who drive them.

The biggest test came at the end of the day when poor old Shelley was really put through her capabilities and I think coped better than her nervous driver! We had to straddle a rocky descent with a huge drop in the middle… Rather exciting and under Colin’s close instruction we made it.




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